DIY Workshops

Share experience has major impact!

Thinking about having a smart and cost-wise living we organized and promoted a series of DIY workshops.

The idea is to share practical examples of an eco-wise life and the value of nothing-to-waste culture.

Three distinguished fashion designers; Orsalia Parthenis, Vivianna Maraveya and Konstantinos Mitrovgenis offered practical techniques on how we can turn our old t-shirt into our favorite one.

Pericles Kondylatos created and gave advice to participants to create their very own and special necklace with cost less than one euro!

Freddy Kalobratsos, the well-known make-up artist, shared some secrets on how to apply natural make-up techniques.

The moments of creation are important for everyone, so we decided to keep these memories alive giving a smile to the photographic camera of George Konstantinos Malekakis.