business-strategy-2BUSINESS STRATEGY

A business strategy defines the company's impact to the world. We care about companies having a vision and a strong aspiration to leave their positive footprint in their field, their environment, their business, our world.

creative-projects-2CREATIVE PROJECTS

Every project requires a unique process, which is designed to produce a special product, service or result. Our approach is based on mixing innovative ideas with experience to serve an impactful outcome to the target audience.

public-relations-2PUBLIC RELATIONS

Disseminate the correct information to the right people was always the primary target of Public Relations. We believe in building enduring relationships rather than barely spreading news. Vivid professional networks has much to offer.


Social Media Strategy

Social Media is an integral part of our daily lives. Millions of people use them nowadays, which create a new vast market with a great potential and great energy to like and share what you create!

Media Relations

We have strong media relations in Greece and abroad due to our experience and the contigent and dignified presence through the years. These relations are based on trust of our cooperations and promotions and include a wide span, such as: national TV channels, regional TV channels, radio stations, magazines, digital media agencies, digital magazines and radio stations and so forth.

Corporate Relations

We firmly believe in the outcomes steming from synergies and cooperation. We stand better together and we thrive. The most successful projects and ventures are produced by collaborations.

Creative Content

Be creative and tell a good story. People pay attention not only to what you do in your business but what you say in the long run. Corporate communication strategy is of utmost significance. Website content, press releases, brochures, advertorials, blogs, Social Media strategy.

Digital Design

Are you digitally alive? Your company’s website guarantees that you are a living digital entity in the vast and chaotic virtual world. However, a website should be more than appealing and searchable, should be findable and user friendly.

Business Consulting & Mentoring

We enjoy to give businesses «wings» and we are committed to this process. Ally’s clientele has a great span, as we cooperate with single brands, artists, multinational companies, corporations and small-medium size busineses. Working with so many companies gives us the opportunity to realize strengths and weaknesses quickly and assist the smaller ones to develop sustainably.


The desire of business development and growth is vitally connected to the business sales strategy. Examining the special factors of each brand and company we suggest and implement profitable sales paths.

Marketing Strategy

Beyond products, businesses exist to create customers. In the Marketing field we set the right questions to get quality answers! Our tool is market research. Knowing in depth the market we aim to target helps us to tailor our messages and put the right mix of marketing approaches in place so that we bring the marketing activities effectively in an effective marketing plan.

Promotion Campaigns

Whatever is the promoted object, we focus on providing three basic outcomes regarding the message transferred; reach and understood by the intended audience and ultimately, stimulate the recipients to take action.

Brand Management

A brand is far more than a name and a logotype. Following a clear and customized per case brand management strategy we aim to develop, uphold and sustain a holistic plan for your brand. Focusing on each brand’s unique personality and identity we unveil all its special features.

Event Planning

Celebrate your company, brand or idea while making an impact! We organize creative events combining ideas from several fields which offer unique experiences to the interested target groups.