The Fashion Pastry Project with Max Perry & Orsalia Parthenis

Ally inspired, implemented and organized the “Fashion Pastry Project”, a project which combines two industries; fashion and pastry.

Orsalia Parthenis, the distinguished fashion designer and owner of the brand Parthenis, designed a dress made of chocolate.

The day of the event, the experienced personnel of Max Perry used fresh products and created chocolates with the figure of the model in front of people.

In addition, there was established a boutique of sweets in central MaxPerry stores, and exclusively designed sweet boxes with a model silhouette wearing a dress were available for sale.

The event was followed by press releases, interviews, photographic material and so forth and people embraced the activity.

The success and creative idea of the “Fashion Pastry Project” was presented in TedxAthens.

Images speak more than words.

Please, watch the videos:

The idea of the box:

The Fashion Pastry Project in TedxAthens:

The Fashion Pastry Project, press event: