Support and promote greek quality food products in a unique event curated by Argyro Barbarigou

F.A.B. was the magazine of Argyro Bargarigou, created exclusively for the event of Hellenic Initiative Inaugural Gala and #OneGreece lunch which was held in New York city, transferring the culinary art spirit to over 600 very special guests, including President Bill Clinton, Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and many Greek distinguished people, entrepreneurs and philhellenic donors.

Ally, curated and managed the companies which were included and promoted in this unique limited edition magazine.

Argyro, acted as an ambassador for greek culinary arts and spirit, transferring her knowledge and knowhow through many recipes included in the magazine and by presenting in parallel, acknowledged food companies inside its pages. Moreover, she curated and prepared the dinner and the cuisine for this prominent event.

#OneGreece is an international awareness campaign sponsored by The Hellenic Initiative (THI) to mobilize support for the people of Greece. Fueled by voices of Greece and the diaspora, OneGreece aspires to tell a new story, rooted in Greece’s economic recovery.